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/// Project created in 2016

Repertoire: original compositions
Direction: Julie Campiche

This quartet has put Swiss avant-garde jazz on the international map. The national press describes it as " One of the most exciting jazz bands in Switzerland. This is jazz of the European top class. " while the international press hails their innovation " This is the music of the future performed here and now. ".

These four companions have been on the road throughout Europe for five years. Their great complicity blossoms in their music, in which the ensemble is greater than the sum of it's parts. With a balance of great finesse, they push their limits to deepen their sound universe.

They create a music where the electronic effects of each instrument are intertwined in delicate yet powerful acoustic space, balancing structured passages with open improvisations. This uncluttered ‘electro-acoustical’ experience leaves room and scope for a wide range of exciting possibilities.

In November 2022, the Julie Campiche Quartet have returned with their sophomore album ‘You Matter’. An experimental body of work, avant-garde jazz that has the magical, unexpected and emotive sounds of the harp at its core, with  a compelling and hopeful message to the world around themes of climate change, refugee crisis, the patriarchy and human identity in these dark and troubled times.

/// Line-up

Leo Fumagalli - saxophone & FX
Julie Campiche - harp & FX
Manu Hagmann - double bass & FX
Clemens Kuratle - drums & FX

/// News

new album 'You Matter'
released on Nov 4th, 2022
on ENJA Records - buy it here 

/// Press

"This is the music of the future performed here and now."
The Cambridge Critique 

"It was all powerful stuff, driven by the reined in pyrotechnics of Campiche’s simmering rage and aspirations for change"

"a highly distinctive and innovative quartet"

"The Swiss harpist has taken the Sunset [Jazz Club] into a fascinating parallel world"

"The harpist from Switzerland manages once again to fascinate with absolutely cool jazz."
Concerto - 5 stars

"one of the most exciting jazz bands in Switzerland. This is jazz of the European top class."

>> Press review - Julie Campiche Quartet

/// Highlights

  • 1st prize at the Nacht Klang of Musikfest Erzgebirge with the baroque orchestra Capella Jenensis
  • nominate to represent Switzerland at the 12 Points Festival 2018 in Dublin
  • nominate for the Montreux Jazz New Talent Award 218 and performed at Montreux Jazz Festival 
  • appears on both compilation: CD SWISS MUSIC - JAZZ IX (2020) and Swiss Jazz No Rules (Jazzwise Nov. 2016) 

/// Collaborations

Baroque ensemble & Julie Campiche Quartet
The baroque ensemble Capelle Jenensis met the Julie Campiche Quartet for a spectacular concert in Jena on November 2019. The resulting concert/journey begins with baroque yet culminates in jazz. There are unexpected lyrical interludes along the way!
This project won 1st prize at the Nacht Klang of Musikfest Erzgebirge and the radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur will produce an album with this music.

Julie Campiche Quartet feat. Vanessa Pahud
After the success of their collaboration for the Flash Info video clip, the trapeze artist Vanessa and the Julie Campiche Quartet performed live on the occasion of a special creation for the Winterfestival in January 2020. This show will be back on the stage again soon. To be continued!

/// Live at Montreux Jazz Festival / 'The Other's Share' / July 2023

/// Julie Campiche Quartet plays 'Fridays Of Hope' / April 2022

/// Julie Campiche Quartet plays 'Aquarius' / April 2022

/// Teaser New Music - played in a preview showing during the 2021 JazzContreBand festival


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