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/// Project created in 2021

Repertoire: original compositions and some suprises  
Direction: Julie Campiche

Julie Campiche pursues a constant quest for innovation with her instrument. Her musical journey led her to add electronic effects to subtly complement her improvisational palette on her harp. She created her own technique and very personal language. Her musical approach is driven by the desire to find the infinitely universal in the depths of intimacy, to work on self-forgetfulness and on the creation of spaces where dreams come true, where believing you can fly is actually enough to achieve it.

/// News

New Solo on the 8th of March 2024

"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman."
This sentence by Virginia Woolf is the starting point for Julie Campiche's new solo project.

With her harp, electronic effects and voice, Julie pays tribute to women and feminine strength. Each composition tells the story of a woman, past or present, from here or elsewhere, famous or anonymous. Responding to an intense need for sisterhood, she carries these voices that have been silenced, minimised, anonymised, and yet so powerful.

Julie Campiche joins Sophie Le Meilleur to enrich this concert with video mapping projections.

This show will be performed in its entirety and for the first time in Geneva on 8 March 2024 on the occasion of Women's Rights Day.

Julie Campiche: harp, electronics, voice, composition
Sophie & Maxime Le Meillour: Video mapping 

/// Press

" C’est l’une des rares harpistes à s’être imposées dans le jazz. Mariant avec subtilité effets électroniques et timbres acoustiques, Julie Campiche, compositrice et instrumentiste inspirée, sait créer des atmosphères d’un lyrisme tour à tour sombre et lumineux." 

Le Canard Enchainé

" La harpiste suisse ne manque jamais de contempler son temps droit dans les yeux et de dramatiser en musique le conflit entre les angoisses qu’il suscite et les remèdes auxquels elle aspire." 

" Julie Campiche is clearly something else - something exceptional brilliant and surprising." 
The Cambridge Critique 
'Harpist Julie Campiche is a truly innovative artist."

/// Julie Campiche | EFG London Jazz Festival 2020

/// Cully Jazz 2020 with Julie Campiche

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